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Controlling Access to Front-End Forms in WordPress

Toolset forms allow users to add new content to your site or register a user account. It's important to define who has permissions to use these forms. To set access permissions for Toolset forms you need to install and use the Toolset Access plugin.


Go to the Toolset → Access Control page and click the Toolset Forms tab.

Depending on the type of a form you want to edit permissions for, click to expand the Post Forms Front-end Access or User Forms Front-end Access section.

A table appears, with a lists of all user roles and their access to available front-end forms and permissions.

Access options for content forms

Access options for user forms

Access permissions for submitting new
Access permissions for submitting new “Gyms” posts using Toolset forms
Access permissions for registering users using Toolset forms

Forms for creating content have one access column. It determines who can use forms to submit new content.

Forms for editing content have columns for privileges to edit own posts or other users’ posts.

Similarly, forms for user registration and editing have columns for editing own profile or other users’ profiles.

November 18, 2020