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Listing Content in Membership Sites

Almost every site that you build with Toolset will need to list content. In this chapter, you’ll learn the different ways to display lists of content in your membership sites.

Creating a View

Views let you query content from the database and display it anyway you want. Typically, you’d place Views inside pages and in templates.

Creating a Custom Archive Page

An Archive is the built-into list of content that WordPress offers for every content type. When you create a custom post type, WordPress automatically creates its archive. It’s important to use archives for content discoverability, search engines, and visitors alike.

Creating a Custom Search

You can set up both Views and Archives to work as custom searches. When you add search functionality to Views and Archives, you allow visitors to narrow down the results and quickly find the content that they need.

Displaying Search Results on a Different Page

Toolset allows you to display a custom search form on one page and show the results on another.