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Custom Types in WordPress

Want to learn how to use custom post types, custom fields and taxonomy to build advanced WordPress sites? You’re in the right place. This course will teach you everything from scratch and until you can create your own custom WordPress sites. We use Toolset plugins, so there’s no coding needed.

Updated for WordPress 5.5.1


What you’ll learn

  • The basics of custom Types in WordPress
  • How to set-up your own custom post types, fields and taxonomy
  • How to design templates for custom types
  • How to create custom grids, tables and lists


  • Basic understanding of WordPress fundamentals
  • No prior experience with custom types
  • No programming experience

Course material

  • Chapter #1 Introduction to Custom Types
    • 1. What Are Custom Types and How They Work
  • Chapter #2 Creating Custom Types
    • 1. When and Why You Should Use Custom Types
    • 2. Creating a Custom Post Type
    • 3. Creating Custom Fields
    • 4. Creating a Custom Taxonomy
  • Chapter #3 Displaying Content Types
    • 1. How Content is Displayed
    • 2. Creating Templates to Display Custom Posts
    • 3. Creating a Custom Archive Page
    • 4. Creating a View

Why you should learn to use custom types

Custom post types and fields are your entry ticket to building advanced WordPress sites. These advanced sites contain functionality that is virtually impossible with simple pages and posts. However, once you know how to use custom types and fields, you will see that building advanced WordPress sites is easy!

This course uses Toolset plugins, which allow you to do all this without programming.


Follow short videos and learn each subject at a time


Install our training material locally or use our training site


Learn practical skills and apply them to your projects