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Templates for Visitors and Members

Membership sites display content differently to “visitors” and to “members”. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create templates that show the full content to your site’s members and “teaser content” to visitors.

Creating templates to display members-only content

To display content differently for visitors and members, we'll use Toolset Blocks and Toolset Access together. With Blocks, we'll create two templates - one for visitors and the other for members. With Access, we'll set up the rule to show the right template to the right people.

Assigning Templates to Posts Conditionally

You can create different templates for different types of content. Then, set conditions for when to use which template. You can base these conditions on WordPress fields, custom fields, taxonomies, and more.

Display Content Conditionally

Sometimes, you need to display specific content within your pages only to logged-in users. Learn how to display inner parts of your pages conditionally.