Toolset Helps You Build Advanced WordPress Sites Without Programming

Almost every website that you build requires custom development. Toolset lets you cut down the time you spend writing and debugging PHP. In simple projects, Toolset will save you hours. In complex projects, you can save weeks.

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Build from Scratch,Smartly and Quickly

If you like building things yourself, you’ll love Toolset. Toolset gives you high-level elements, which you can put together any way you choose. With an understanding of how WordPress works and knowledge of HTML and CSS, you can build virtually anything with Toolset. No PHP or JavaScript needed.

Want to See an Example?

See how Lauren creates a complete custom search for properties with text and Google Map display, in a few minutes.

Toolset’s Building Blocks

Custom Post Types
Custom Taxonomy
Custom Fields
Post Relationship
Infinite Scroll
Ajax Updates
Custom Search
WooCommerce Elements
Conditional Output
Google Maps
Form Payments
Access Control

Start Quickly and Learn as You Go

Toolset includes many elements and a lot of options, but this doesn’t mean that it’s hard to get started with. Just like putting together Legos, you’ll find step-by-step instructions and demo sites to get you started quickly.
Within minutes, you’ll be using Toolset for client sites. As you progress, you’ll notice the more advanced features that take your sites from good to great to outstanding.

What’s Included in Toolset

When you buy Toolset, you get access to all of Toolset components. You also get access to Toolset reference sites, which are a great starting point for your client projects.

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