Out-of-the-box Toolset allows you to build advanced WordPress sites without programming. With a bit of custom PHP code, you can expand Toolset and turn it into a complete Web-application framework.

Start Here

To help you start building your own features with Toolset, we prepared these two guides:

Migrating to Toolset

To help you migrate your sites and workflows to Toolset from other frameworks, we prepared the following guides:

Toolset’s Dynamic Sources allows displaying WordPress fields, custom fields, and taxonomy in blocks.
It works with the built-in blocks that WordPress and Toolset offer, and with blocks from popular plugins.

Reference Information

When you’re already familiar with Toolset API, you will find detailed integration information in the following reference guides.

Using Toolset fields in PHP templates

Introduction to Toolset hooks and debug techniques

Toolset Shortcodes Reference

API, hooks and filters

Toolset Compatibility Program

Toolset’s compatibility program allows theme and plugin developers to prepare their products to power dynamic and highly advanced WordPress sites.