Shortcodes in Gutenberg – Dynamic Sources

When you need to display fields in Gutenberg, there’s no more need to use shortcodes. Instead, use Dynamic Sources in pages, templates, and archives.

For years, WordPress developers have used shortcodes to display dynamic elements. Dynamic Sources offer a more convenient way to create templates, archives, and custom elements. No more need to memorize magic shortcodes. Instead, pick the fields that you want to display and choose styling options.

Example – Rental cost in templates

When you create a template with Gutenberg and Toolset, use the Inline Fields button to add custom fields to any block.

Example – Displaying a custom field as a block

Toolset adds Dynamic Sources controls to any block. See how to display a quote, which comes from a custom field.

Example – Locations on a map

A View lets you load any content from the database and display it any way you want. See how to create a View that loads gym locations and displays them on a Google Map.

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