How You’ll Build Sites with Toolset

Toolset offers a fresh approach to building WordPress sites. It builds on top of WordPress and provides a complete design and development package, that requires no programming.

01. Learn

We know that your time is valuable, so we’ve tailored our documentation to fit your needs. We’ve created detailed courses that take you from beginner to expert. Pick the kind of site that you’d like to build and learn everything there’s to know about it.

02. Install

Toolset provides comprehensive functionality and saves you the need to use different plugins from different vendors. In our training courses we cover which Toolset components you need to build different things.

03. Build

Create advanced and beautiful WordPress sites without opening a code editor or doing any sort of programming. When you need help, our support team is available 6 days a week, 19 hours per day.

What to Expect from Your Toolset Based Sites

Fully Custom

The exact look and functionality that you want, without the limitations of hard-coded themes and plugins.


Enjoy full design controls for everything that you build.


Design conveniently for both phones and desktops.


Reach top speeds and improve your site’s SEO.


We are always ready ahead of new WordPress releases and never break backward compatibility.


Toolset comes from the same company as WPML. Everything that you build with Toolset, you can easily translate.

What’s Included in Toolset

Toolset is a suite of WordPress plugins that work together to build advanced WordPress websites, without programming. It’s a modular package, which allows you to pick the components that you need for each site.

Toolset Blocks

Toolset Types

Toolset Forms

Toolset Maps

Toolset Access

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