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Custom Business Sites Course

Learn how to create custom business sites without creating child themes and without coding.

Updated for WordPress 6.5.5


What you’ll learn

  • How to build custom business sites, based on dynamic content
  • How to set up the custom post types and fields to hold the information your business needs
  • How to display custom content in unique ways
  • How to design templates for custom posts and archives
  • How to build custom searches


  • Good understanding of WordPress fundamentals
  • No prior experience with custom types or custom coding
  • No programming experience

Course material

Why you should learn to build dynamic business sites

Each business is unique. It offers its own products and services and caters to a different audience. So why should business sites be all cut from the same template? Toolset lets you set-up the custom types that will hold unique information for each business. A business that offers sawing machines will have “sawing machine” types. Businesses that offer consultancy services will have “consultancy” types. And each will have the exact right fields.

In this course, you will learn how to define the right content types for each business and how to display them on the site with your own design and style.

This knowledge will allow you to build custom business sites faster and easier. It will also allow your clients to run these sites and maintain their own content without the risk of breaking anything.

Take this course for FREE using Toolset’s training sandbox

This course is free for both Toolset clients and anyone new to Toolset.
You can watch all the videos and follow the course without buying or installing anything.


Follow short videos and learn each subject at a time


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Learn practical skills and apply them to your projects