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Extending Form Functionality with Hooks in WordPress

Often, you will need to use custom application logic for your Toolset forms. You can achieve this by using custom PHP solutions and the Toolset Forms API. The idea behind the Toolset Forms API is to allow you to do custom actions that are not otherwise possible through the user interface.

Toolset Forms API allows you to hook into different events of submitting a form. For example, you can add a custom action right before saving or processing any form data, but after the form was validated.

Or, you could add a custom type of an event that triggers notifications. The possibilities are limitless.

To use the Toolset Forms API, you will need a good knowledge of PHP.

To add custom functions to Toolset forms you will need the page about Forms API Hooks.

We also recommend reading our comprehensive guide for getting started with Toolset hooks.

Originally written
May 13, 2020
May 29, 2020