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Installing Toolset and Choosing a Theme for Membership Sites

Toolset includes most of the functionality that you’ll need to build custom membership sites. In this course, you’ll learn how to use Toolset, together with readily available (and free) plugins to create complete membership sites.

The plugins you’ll need to install

  • Toolset Forms – lets you create forms for front-end member registration
  • Toolset Types – will allow you to create the custom post types, fields and taxonomy that you’ll use for member-only content
  • Toolset Blocks – will let you design how content displays for both visitors and members
  • Toolset Access – lets you control what visitors and members can do on the site
  • WooCommerce (optional) – lets you charge payment for joining the site and create a “my account” section
  • Forms Commerce – connects WooCommerce and Toolset Forms, so you can charge payments for joining

Theme for custom membership sites

Since you’re going to build all the functionality yourself, you don’t need a special theme for the membership site. You want to choose a theme that allows you to control every part of every page. For this, we suggest that you pick one our recommended themes for Toolset sites. Even though you can use any WordPress theme, the themes that we recommend will make your job easier. They allow you to style every part of every page and will not get in your way.

Introduction to Toolset

Watch an overview of top Toolset features and how they help you build dynamic sites with advanced features.