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Custom WooCommerce Sites Course

Learn how to build custom WooCommerce sites without coding. Add custom fields, build product searches and much more.

Updated for WordPress 6.6


What you will learn

  • Which Toolset plugins you need to customize your WooCommerce site
  • How to add custom fields and taxonomies to WooCommerce products
  • How to create your WooCommerce single-product templates
  • How to customize your WooCommerce Shop page (product archive)
  • How to build a WooCommerce product search
  • How to create a custom slider for with your WooCommerce products
  • How to create front-end forms for adding WooCommerce products


  • Good understanding of WordPress fundamentals
  • Understanding of how the WooCommerce plugin works
  • No programming experience

Course material

Why you should learn to build custom WooCommerce sites

Just like a regular shop on the high street, your e-commerce website needs to not only look great on the outside but also function seamlessly as you enter it. A great and simple way to get the best of both worlds is by using WooCommerce on WordPress.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in the world, powering more than 35% of all online stores. It is the ideal plugin but how do you make sure your e-commerce website stands out from the millions of others which are using WooCommerce?

The answer is by combining WooCommerce with Toolset. Toolset’s plugins let you develop fully custom WooCommerce sites without PHP.

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This course is free for both Toolset clients and anyone new to Toolset.
You can watch all the videos and follow the course without buying or installing anything.


Follow short videos and learn each subject at a time


Install our training material locally or use our Toolset Blocks and WooCommerce


Learn practical skills and apply them to your projects