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Send Notifications when Someone Submits the Form

Toolset's front-end forms include a comprehensive email notifications system. When someone submits a form, it can send notifications to both clients and site admins.

When editing a Toolset form, look in the E-mail Notification section. You can create several notifications for the same form. Each notification has:

  • A name – to easily identify a notification
  • An option to enable or disable the notification
  • An event – when to send the notification
  • Email destination and source – who receives the notification and who sends it
  • Subject
  • Body

Notify when submitting a form

Email notifications work just the same for forms for submitting content or registering users.

When visitors submit a form, Toolset can send a notification email. It’s usually a good idea to send an email to the site admin and to the visitor (different notifications for each).

Setting up notifications

In the When to send this notification section, select When submitting the form.

When to send the notification
Selecting when to send the notification for a form for submitting new content

Toolset Forms Commerce note: if you have payments enabled for this form, the notification option changes to notify when going to payment.

Send different notifications to the site admin and visitor

Toolset lets you specify multiple recipients for the same notification email. All recipients will receive the same email and can see each other (except if you select them as BCC).

Where to send notifications
Selecting who should get the notification

Toolset Forms Commerce note: you will see another option to Send this notification to the billing email.

Normally, you would want to send two different notifications, with different content, to the site admin and the visitor who submitted the form.

The admin notification would tell that there is something new to review. The visitor notification would be a confirmation that their content was submitted or account created and any additional information.

To send different notification emails, you should add new notifications and set each of their destination and content separately. You can create several notifications for the same event.

Originally written
May 13, 2020
June 4, 2020