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Translating Content Automatically in WordPress

Translating directory and listing sites using local translators or a translation service would be too expensive. Instead, you should use automatic translation which is both affordable and fast.

You can let WPML automatically translate all content on your site, you can use automatic translation while translating content “manually”, or bulk translate groups of pages.

Translating All Content Automatically On-The-Fly

For big sites with a lot of content, you can enable WPML’s Translate Everything mode. In this mode, WPML automatically translates any content that you publish or update.

To ensure translations are correct and sound natural, you can invite translators to review the translations. Such automatic translation with human review provides the best translation with the least cost.

Check out WPML’s documentation to read more about automatic content translation.

Bulk Automatic Translation for Groups of Pages

When you want to translate only certain parts of your content, you can use bulk automatic translation.

Use the following steps to auto-translate groups of pages:

  1. Go to the Translation Management page. Use the filters at the top to find items you want to send for translation.
  2. Select items on the list and click to add them to Translation Basket. This can be any number of posts, pages, and other types of content.
Adding pages to the Translation Basket
  1. Next, go to the Translation ManagementTranslation Basket and send all items for translation.
Sending items in Translation Basket for translation
  1. Now, go to the WPML  Translation Management page and click the Translation Tools tab. You will see options to choose your Automatic Translation Plan. There, you can click to claim your 10,000 free words of translation for the current month and proceed to the next step. If you need more quota, you can sign up for one of the monthly plans. System adjusts automatically and you will only pay if you spend something. You can read all about this on the WPML page about automatic translation pricing.
  2. Finally, click the Bulk Automatic Translation tab. You will see a list of all items you’ve sent for translation. Select any documents you want and click the Translate automatically button to translate them in one go.
Selecting the pages to send for bulk automatic translation

Automatic translation happens very fast, usually in under a minute. You can go to the WPML Translations page at any time and check the status of translations.

Automatic Translation when Translating Manually

Of course, you and your local translators can also use automatic translation from within WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor.

When translating items, click the Translate automatically button and the whole page gets translated in an instant.