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Forms for Front-end Submission and Editing of Directory Items

Directory and Classifieds sites require forms that allow people to create and edit listings. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to create them using the Toolset Forms plugin.

Front-end Forms for Adding Content

Make it possible for members and visitors to add new listings to your directory, using front-end forms that you design.

Front-end Forms for Editing Content

Learn how to allow editing listings in the directory using front-end forms.

Deleting Content from The Front-End

Learn how to allow people to delete their own listings from the directory. The "content deletion" links are not forms, but they are also coming from Toolset Forms plugin.

Send Notifications when Someone Submits the Form

Learn how to send email notifications to site-members and visitors after they submit forms. You can send notifications about new directory items, updated or deleted directory items.

Adding Generic Fields to Forms

Toolset Forms are great for fields that belong to the directory items. In some cases, you'll need forms to have fields that are not related to custom fields and taxonomy of the directory.

Controlling Access to Front-End Forms

Once you have the forms working, you don't want everyone to have access to everything. Learn how to restrict access to forms, so that only the right people can add, modify and delete content from your directory.

Setting up Automatic Post Expiration

Many directory sites show time-limited entries. This works great when charging payment to list items in the directory. Learn how to auto-expire entries that people submit.

Styling Front-End Forms

Toolset Forms come with very simple HTML, so that the forms will inherit the look of your theme. Learn how to style forms to achieve a custom look.

Charge users for submitting content

Toolset Forms allows you to request payment for submitting forms. This is great for directory sites that require payment to post.

Extending Form Functionality with Hooks

When your directory needs to implement complex flows, or to integrate with 3rd party services, use Toolset's API to add your own functionality.

Displaying Form Data

This is a summary of how Toolset lets you display content that people submit via forms on the site's front-end.