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Registering Users from the Front-end on Directory Sites

Many directory and listing sites need to allow people to sign-up, so that they can create and edit content.

Creating Forms for Registering Users

Front-end registration forms will allow people to sign-up as members to your directory.

Creating a “My Account” Page

Once members are signed-up to your directory, they need a page to manage their content.

Allow users to manage their items

Learn how to allow members to manage their directory items from their "my account" page.

Creating Custom Login Forms

WordPress offers a very basic login page. Learn how to create custom login pages that match the look of your directory site.

Creating the “Lost password” page

Learn how to create a custom "lost password" page that matches the design of your directory.

Using forms to create an “Edit your profile” page

Members of your directory will often want to edit their own profile. Learn how to do this with Toolset Forms.

How to Create Custom Searches and Relationships for Users

To be able to create custom searches and relationships for users registered on your site, you need to connect them to custom posts.