Toolset’s Dynamic Sources allows to display WordPress fields, custom fields and taxonomy in blocks.
It works with the built-in blocks that WordPress and Toolset offer, and with blocks from popular plugins.

Plugin   Block Status
Image Core Image Image 
Audio Image 
Cover Image 
Media and Text Image 
Video Image 
Heading Image 
Paragraph Image 
Quote Image 
Pullquote Image 
Buttons Image 
Social icon Image 
Image Toolset Add to Cart Button Image 
Audio Image 
Breadcrumbs Image 
Button Image 
Cart Message Image 
Conditional Image 
Container Image 
Content Template Image 
Countdown Image 
Fields and Text Image 
Form Image 
Gallery Image 
Grid Image 
Heading Image 
Image Image 
Image Slider Image 
List Attributes Image 
Map Image 
Product Image Image 
Product Meta Image 
Product Price Image 
Product Tabs Image 
Progress Indicator Image 
Rating Image 
Related Products Image 
Repeating Field Image 
Reviews Image 
Single field Image 
Social Share Image 
Star Rating Image 
Video Image 
View Image 
YouTube Image 
Image Genesis blocks Notice Image 
Call to action Image 
Testimonial Image 
Profile Image 
Button Image 
Container Image 
Drop cap Image 
Accordion Image 
Kadence Info Box Image 
Advanced Heading Image 
Advanced Button Image
Row Layout Image
Column Image 
Accordion Image 
Image Overlay Image 
Split Content Image 
Modal Image 
Video Popup Image 
Image Stackable Card Image 
Blockquote Image 
Number box Image 
Header Image 
Team member (x3) Image 
Testimonial (x3) Image 
Feature (x2) Image 
Image Box (x #columns) Image 
Count Up (x #columns) Image 
Advanced Heading Image 
Notification Image 
Advanced Text Image 
Video popup Image 
Accordion Image 
Image UAGB Info Box Image 
Team Image 
Blockquote Image 
Inline notice Image 
Advanced Heading Image 
Section Image 
Call to action Image