Toolset’s compatibility program allows theme and plugin developers to prepare their products to power dynamic and highly advanced WordPress sites.

Teach Toolset About Your Theme’s Options

Integrating themes with Toolset is easy. We’ll work with you to produce a tiny JSON config file that teaches Toolset how to access your theme’s settings. Using this, developers can design templates and archives and control what appears on every page.

Once we’ve created this configuration file, we’ll ask you to include it in the theme’s ZIP file. Of course, this file doesn’t modify anything in your theme. It only allows Toolset to know how your theme works.

How to create a JSON file for integrating themes with Toolset »

Make Your Blocks Support Dynamic Content

Themes and plugins that create Gutenberg Blocks can make them support dynamic content via Toolset’s API. Dynamic content means that the blocks can display values coming from standard WordPress fields (like the post name) and from custom fields. This allows your blocks to power templates and archives.

How to integrate dynamic content with Blocks »

Load Your CSS and JS Files for Templates and Archives

Some block plugins load their resource files “on demand” (only when their blocks are on a page). This is great for performance, but will cause compatibility problems with Toolset’s templates and archives. When users design a template using your blocks and your code doesn’t load the resource files for content that uses these templates, the design appears broken.

To overcome this, you can use a hook from Toolset or allow Toolset to hook to your code and indicate that you need to load your resource files.

For the benefit of our clients, we summarize which block plugins work smoothly with Toolset.

Get Started

Contact us and we’ll get started. You’ll get free access to Toolset and will work hand-in-hand with our developers to complete this integration very quickly.

Note: This is a program for theme and plugin authors. If you need help with a specific website or with a theme that you are using (or both), please visit our technical support forum.