Toolset’s Beyond Pages program turns your theme into “custom-types ready”, so your clients can build custom functionality, without custom coding.

Beautiful Design from Your Theme and Custom Functionality from Toolset

Your theme gives the overall look-and-feel of the site, provides the aesthetics and page layouts. Toolset allows clients to build their own custom functionality without programming. The integration between your theme and Toolset allows WordPress developers to build beautiful custom sites, quickly and easily, without having to become programmers.

Advanced Directory, Listing, Membership and E-Commerce Sites, Built with Your Theme, Toolset and No Coding

When your clients want to build more advanced sites, they need to code everything from scratch or stitch together different plugins that don’t necessarily play well together. This turns into a lot of support and is difficult to maintain.

Toolset offers a simpler process to build custom sites. Your clients will be able to build everything from the WordPress admin, without editing PHP or Javascript.

A lot of the sites that our clients build with Toolset are dynamic listing sites, memberships, directories and other sites that would otherwise require weeks of development. With Toolset, your clients will be able to build these sites in days.

Toolset’s Main Features

Adding Custom Post Types and Fields to the WordPress Admin and Templates

Toolset allows to add custom post types, taxonomy and fields to WordPress. Your clients will be able to design either own templates for displaying custom content, without editing any PHP and without hacking your templates.

Flexible Content Lists Anywhere

Toolset makes it easy for users to create lists of content and display them anywhere on the site. This includes lists as widgets, inside pages and as archives. When your clients need to create custom lists, they will build them with Toolset, without having to create child themes or hack your theme’s “functions.php” file.

The Most Powerful Custom Search for WordPress

With Toolset, WordPress developers can create custom searches for any content type and display search results any way they choose. Toolset allows to use your theme to build listing sites of any kind, without writing any PHP.

Integration with Google Maps

Toolset offers rich integration with Google Maps, allowing to build geo-location directories with ease. Toolset can display any kind of content on Google Maps, integrate maps with custom search and with directories.

Fully Custom WooCommerce Product Displays

Sometimes your clients need to build WooCommerce sites that don’t fit into any existing template. Toolset allows complete customization of the product templates and product listings, so that your clients can built it themselves, without asking you to add more and more options.

Front-End Content Editing Without Back-End Access

Toolset’s front-end forms allow creating and editing content. Together with Toolset’s custom templates and access control, your clients will be able to build sites with front-end content management. This allows your clients to completely customize the editing experience and simplify it for their clients.

Access Control for Front-End Content and Admin Pages

Toolset lets your clients apply fine-grained control to content access. They can choose who can access different pages on the front-end (and what they see if they don’t have access), as well as who can access different admin areas.

All This Integration with Just One Config File

Toolset is designed to work with different themes and page builders. We’ll do the work for you and all you need is to include a small JSON configuration file in your theme. This file tells Toolset all it needs to know about your theme.

Cross Promotion with Toolset

Once the integration is ready, we announce it to all Toolset clients. We also add it to the list of Custom Types ready themes. We will ask you to do the same so our clients know that your theme or plugin is compatible with Toolset.

Some numbers:

  • Toolset site has over 100K monthly page views
  • We will promote your theme to over 12K Toolset clients with valid accounts
  • Most of Toolset clients are building sites at a budget of 5,000USD and above

Who Beyond Pages Program is Intended For

The Beyond Pages program is intended for:

  • Original theme or plugin authors.
  • Public themes or plugins are also welcome. Anything that you distribute, and is not “work-for-hire”, can be submitted to the Beyond Pages program.

Note: This is a program for theme and plugin authors. If you need help with a specific website or with a theme that you are using (or both), please visit our technical support forum.

How do I Get Started?

Custom Types Ready Toolset Start by using the form below to apply. We ask you to provide us with the necessary information for testing.

We will contact you and ask for your theme or plugin files. Then, we will create a demo site for you, with your theme or plugin installed. We will ask you to populate this demo site with test contents. Our team will then test this installation with Toolset and provide you with feedback about what should be fixed in your code to make your theme or plugin Custom Types Ready.