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Design first: How a non-programmer can build a portfolio site using Toolset

Can a good graphic designer be a good web developer and vice versa? You have probably seen many debates like…

 Agnes Bury

February 26, 2014

New guide for controlling WooCommerce capabilities with Access plugin

We use WooCommerce to power the e-commerce section of our sites. Our team includes different users, each with unique needs…


February 9, 2014

Views 1.5.1 with a Huge Performance Boost

Views 1.5.1 started as a small maintenance release, with no thrills and nothing major. By pure chance, we discovered a…


February 5, 2014

case study of turbobiketrainer

How to use Types and Views plugins to build a site which earns money

Building any WordPress site is easy. No doubts, this is why we all love WordPress. Creating a great looking WP…

 Agnes Bury

February 5, 2014

Access 1.2 – Control for individual pages, no-read settings and full capabilities management

We’re very excited to announce a major new version of Access – 1.2. This new release includes big new features,…


February 4, 2014

Views 1.5 with a New Debugger and Google Maps API

This new version of Views is all about making it easier to develop, debug and complete projects with Views. The…


December 18, 2013

CRED 1.2.4 released

CRED 1.2.4 is our, with a ton of little fixes and improvements. While this version doesn’t include any big new…


November 27, 2013

Views 1.4 with Users Support

Views 1.4 is ready with complete support for displaying WordPress users. This means that you can create Views that query…


November 14, 2013

Types 1.5 – media fields support and a smoother WPML experience

We’ve just released the latest version of Types. With four new field types for your sites, tweaks to make Types…

 Simon Toulson

November 14, 2013

Conditional display of parent posts in CRED

Today we are going to see how to filter inputs in a CRED form. Our example will show filtering songs,…


October 29, 2013

Looking for developers for our own custom project with Toolset

We need to build a membership site, for our growing international community. Since Toolset does everything that this site needs,…


October 21, 2013

How to group Views results by year and month

Our mission today is to use a View, to display a list of posts, grouped by month and year. We’ll…


October 16, 2013