WordPress Themes Market Becoming Crowded? Join Toolset Team!


July 13, 2015

People are reporting a steady decline in sales of themes on Themeforest.  There is an interesting debate about why this may be happening. We don’t want to speculate, but one thing for sure is that this hurts the livelihood of theme authors. Toolset team invites theme authors to join us, have a challenging career and enjoy a stable income.

Developers go into the WordPress themes business for several reasons:

  • To make a difference on the Internet
  • To have an interesting career
  • To make a living

Complex, all-inclusive themes are one way to build sites. Another way is using basic themes and Toolset plugins. Toolset allows site developers to build everything they need themselves. It’s a bit more work than to click and select in a huge theme-options screen. However, the results are much more under the developer’s control.

In Toolset, Your Work Influences Tens of Thousands

Some recent Toolset showcase sites
Some recent Toolset showcase sites

It’s a wonderful feeling to see so many people use your products. Toolset plugins currently power tens of thousands of commercial WordPress sites. Out of the many millions of WordPress sites, it’s like a drop in the ocean, but it’s still a big number for us.

When Toolset developers travel to WordCamps, they always meet users and get to discuss features and ideas (and yes, bugs too).

We work closely with other plugin developers, we sponsor and join WordPress events and we contribute to the WordPress ecosystem. Being part of a community is a great thing.

From Being an Indy Theme Author to Toolset Team

Virtual birthday at OnTheGoSystems
Virtual birthday at OnTheGoSystems

So, Toolset team is officially welcoming other developers who want to try a different lifestyle. It’s true that being your own boss rocks. If you join Toolset team, you will instead work in a team.  Working in a team means you give up some freedom and you gain a lot too. You will work on bigger projects. This, we pretty much guarantee. You will develop with greater depth and expertise. You also need to adapt yourself to a more rigid working schedule. A rigid working schedule allows team members to communicate and it also gives you time for a personal life.

Fixed Income with no More Downs

As an independent developer, you can enjoy thrilling ups and depressing downs – especially when it comes to sales.

Toolset team is part of OnTheGoSystems. We’ve been developing for WordPress since 2007. Our team is made up of over 70 great members, spread all over the world. We pay fixed salaries, always on time. We also offer a profit sharing program, so when the company does great, our team enjoys the fruits.

How to Apply

If you are an outstanding developer, you are welcome to apply. OnTheGoSystems is looking for programmers with:

  • BSc in Computer Science or Engineering degree
  • Thorough knowledge of PHP and Javascript
  • WordPress development experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Good team spirit
  • High personal responsibility
  • Willingness to work from home.

If this sounds like you, please visit our jobs page.