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CRED 1.4.2 Allows to Control All User Fields

CRED 1.4 added support for user forms. Now, CRED 1.4.2 makes it possible to include any user fields, created by…


November 19, 2015

Toolset Google Maps Released (beta)

We’re proud to announce a first release of the new Toolset Google Maps plugin, which allows to easily display anything…


November 13, 2015

Layouts Genesis Integration Available (beta)

We’ve just released a first (and deeply tested) version of the integration between Genesis theme and Layouts. This release, besides…


November 12, 2015

New Toolset Course – Developing Custom WooCommerce Sites

Customizing your WooCommerce site with PHP can be a real challenge. With Toolset it’s a piece of cake. A new…

Agnes Bury

November 5, 2015

Views 1.11 and Layouts 1.4 Released

We’ve just released Views 1.11 and Layouts 1.4. These include major new features that you’ve been asking for, UI improvements,…


November 4, 2015

What Themes do You Want to See Integrated with Layouts?

Wouldn’t it be great if Layouts plugin came pre-integrated with your theme? Update (Oct 29) – Genesis integration going great…


October 20, 2015

CRED 1.4 Adds User Forms for Membership Sites

After long development, we’ve just released CRED 1.4. The major feature of this release is the ability to create forms…


September 28, 2015

How to Reduce the Number of Plugins in Your WordPress Site – 3 Practical Examples

You are developing a site using WordPress. A new brilliant idea comes to your mind on how to improve it….

Agnes Bury

September 8, 2015

Toolset for Real Estate – What are You Doing?

Toolset team is putting together a special task force, to update our reference site for Real Estate. We’re getting our…


September 1, 2015

Views 1.10 and Layouts 1.3 Improve Usability and Performance

We just released updates for all Toolset plugins for WordPress 4.3. Among this release, you will find Views 1.10 and…


August 17, 2015

How to Develop a Multilingual Real Estate Site with WordPress and no PHP

See how Antonio Almeida who considers himself as “a marketer who knows how to put things together with WordPress”, built…

Agnes Bury

August 11, 2015

Learn by doing

New ‘Getting started with Views’ Course

Views plugin can do a lot for you, but are you sure that you are getting the most of Views?…

Agnes Bury

August 6, 2015