Toolset Blog

Module Manager Released

Today, we are very happy to announce a first (beta) release of our Module Manager. The new Module Manager makes…


April 4, 2013

Types Got Removed from

On Sunday, Types plugin got removed from It wasn’t intentional and certainly not expected, but we’re moving forward.…


April 2, 2013

Bug Fix Update for Toolset Plugins

We are ready with another bugfix version for Toolset plugins. Hopefully, this will help your sites run 100% smooth with…


March 29, 2013

Types 1.2.1 with Bug Fixes

A quick update before you’re off for the weekend. We’ve updated Types to 1.2.1, fixing a number of bugs that…


March 22, 2013

Toolset 1.2 Update – Repeater Fields, Syntax Highlight and More

We’re very happy to announce new versions of Types , Views and CRED with a ton of new functionality, nicer…


March 7, 2013

New E-Commerce System and New Purchase Options

Today, we completed a very long process of migrating to WooCommerce, as our e-commerce platform (moved from Shopp). This…


February 15, 2013

CRED 1.1 and Access 1.1.3 Released

We just released a major new version of CRED and a bugfix update for Access. CRED 1.1 is loaded with…


February 1, 2013

Views 1.1.4 with Author Filters

We are very happy to announce Views 1.1.4. This new version includes query filter by author, as well as a…


January 14, 2013

Finally, Complete Documentation for WooCommerce Views

Looking to build an e-commerce site with Toolset? It’s going to be a lot easier from now! We’ve very happy…


December 3, 2012

I Wish Types Could…

We’ve had the pleasure of spending the last weeks on WordPress 3.5 compatibility, Access and a bunch of small, medium…


November 30, 2012

Toolset – Types, Views, CRED and Access

We’re very happy to release a major update of Types, Views, CRED and Access. As our family of plugins grows…


November 19, 2012

CRED 0.9.4 with Parent Settings in Forms

CRED 0.9.4 is released, with complete support for post hierarchies. You’ll be able to create forms for child content and…


October 23, 2012