Are you coming to WCEU Berlin?

Toolset team will be at WordCamp Europe in Berlin. We’d love to meet you, hear your thoughts and ideas. Come see us at the WPML table.   Come to say hello! We work all day in front of screens and you’re probably doing the same. For a change, let’s get together and meet each other in person! Get some Toolset

Visually create and design Views using Block Editor

Create your Views visually without leaving the WordPress editor. Select the output options and drag-and-drop blocks to design your lists of posts. Completely visual Toolset experience Recently, we announced Toolset Blocks, which allows you to design your templates visually. Now, you can do the same when creating lists of content using Views. Here are

It’s Here! Toolset’s “Custom Types Training” Course

The new training course on custom types allows developers of all levels to improve their knowledge and become more efficient when building rich WordPress sites. It explains the basics to beginners and quickly moves to advanced (and powerful) techniques. Why a course? Custom types for WordPress is a huge subject. It starts simple. You create

Toolset Views 2.8.1 with performance improvements

This release improves the way that Toolset Views handles caching. You will see the biggest change on large sites with frequent content updates. We released Toolset Views to resolve an issue with certain versions of PHP. How Views cache works Toolset Views plugin needs to keep a list of all custom fields on the

New Integration with the Block Editor Offers Rapid Visual Design and Dynamic Content

Intuitive visual design, powerful dynamic content, everything integrated and working. If this is how you’d like to build websites, welcome to Toolset Blocks. Toolset’s challenge is being powerful while remaining easy to use. With Toolset, you already skip the PHP and Javascript development. However, to achieve great design, you have to either master HTML/CSS

Forms 2.3 and Views 2.7.3 bring drag-and-drop form editor and more

This Toolset release introduces a completely new drag-and-drop editor for your front-end forms. It also adds a Loop index feature to Views for creating beautiful sliders and enumerating your table rows. We also improved the interface and usability for conditional displaying of content, and more. Introducing the drag-and-drop form editor Toolset Forms now allows you