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Layouts Cells API Lets you Add Drag-and-Drop to Your Logic

Layouts’ cells API allows theme and plugin authors to build their own logic and make it drag-and-droppable, with Layouts. Standard…


March 31, 2014

Toolset Classifieds—What’s New?

Toolset Classifieds is moving forward with new features and better usability. As more developers use TC to build classifieds sites,…


March 26, 2014

Layouts 0.9 Released – The Drag and Drop Component of Toolset

After over a year, we are finally ready with a first public (beta) release of Layouts – the drag and…


March 25, 2014

case study of forever cornwall

Doing business in luxury cottage accommodations: How to create a site for the luxury market

Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab indicated that “46% of people say that a website’s design is the number one criterion for…

Agnes Bury

March 11, 2014

CRED 1.2.5 with some bugs crushed

We’re happy to release CRED 1.2.5. This time, no big new features, but a nice collection of fixes and improvements….


February 26, 2014

Design first: How a non-programmer can build a portfolio site using Toolset

Can a good graphic designer be a good web developer and vice versa? You have probably seen many debates like…

Agnes Bury

February 26, 2014

New guide for controlling WooCommerce capabilities with Access plugin

We use WooCommerce to power the e-commerce section of our sites. Our team includes different users, each with unique needs…


February 9, 2014

Views 1.5.1 with a Huge Performance Boost

Views 1.5.1 started as a small maintenance release, with no thrills and nothing major. By pure chance, we discovered a…


February 5, 2014

case study of turbobiketrainer

How to use Types and Views plugins to build a site which earns money

Building any WordPress site is easy. No doubts, this is why we all love WordPress. Creating a great looking WP…

Agnes Bury

February 5, 2014

Access 1.2 – Control for individual pages, no-read settings and full capabilities management

We’re very excited to announce a major new version of Access – 1.2. This new release includes big new features,…


February 4, 2014

Views 1.5 with a New Debugger and Google Maps API

This new version of Views is all about making it easier to develop, debug and complete projects with Views. The…


December 18, 2013

CRED 1.2.4 released

CRED 1.2.4 is our, with a ton of little fixes and improvements. While this version doesn’t include any big new…


November 27, 2013