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Toolset Update: Types 1.6, Views 1.6.2, CRED 1.3, Layouts 0.9.2, Access 1.2.2

After a pretty long and intensive development cycle, we are ready with a major update for all Toolset plugins. This…


August 20, 2014

Beta Update for Toolset Plugins – Features, Usability and Stability

We are very happy to release beta versions of all Toolset plugins, in preparation for a major update very soon….


July 24, 2014

Toolset Classifieds Users Manual released

We’ve just released first beta version of Toolset Classifieds Users Manual. If you build your listings sites with Toolset, now…

Agnes Bury

July 3, 2014

Learn how to build flexible custom searches with Toolset Real Estate

One of the most powerful features in Views is its custom search. Now, you can experiment with it and learn…


June 19, 2014

How can we simplify Types plugin for you?

We’re really happy with the features that Types has and we’re looking at add more. But today, I’d like to…


June 16, 2014

CRED 1.3 and Types 1.6 First Betas

We’ve just released first beta versions of CRED 1.3 and Types 1.6, with a completely rebuilt rendering for forms. This…


June 10, 2014

CRED 1.3 Preview

I know that a lot of people have been waiting for a long time for a major CRED update. It’s…


June 4, 2014

Views 1.6.1 released: wonderful Custom Search and Bootstrap Layouts

We are delighted to announce the release of Views 1.6.1. After a short QA (no issues found!), we present you…


May 21, 2014

Views 1.6.1 Improves the Custom Search

We’re ready with a first beta of Views 1.6.1. This beta includes major improvements to the custom search functionality. AJAX…


May 20, 2014

Layouts 0.9.1 integrated with Views

We’ve just released Layouts 0.9.1, which features integration with Views and with Content Templates. With this step, Layouts is one…


May 7, 2014

CRED 1.2.6 (beta1) for WordPress 3.9

We’re ready with a beta update of CRED 1.2.6 to WordPress 3.9. This release addresses several older glitches, as well…


April 18, 2014

Views 1.6 with WordPress 3.9 Support and Lots More

WordPress 3.9 was just released and we’re happy to release a beta update for Views. Besides WordPress 3.9 support, Views…


April 16, 2014