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Introduction to Custom Types for Real Estate Sites

Real estate sites need more than the standard “posts” and “pages” that WordPress comes with. In this chapter, we explain what custom post types, fields and taxonomy are.

If you’re already familiar with this terminology, you can skip to the next chapter and dive directly into how to create the custom types, fields and taxonomy that you need, with Toolset.

What Are Custom Types and How They Work

Watch a quick introduction to custom types in WordPress. You'll learn about how they came to be and how they are used.

When and Why You Should Use Custom Types

You will use custom types to create the structure for your site and organize items like "properties". Custom types are also the foundation that allows you to add advanced features to your real estate site.

Using Custom Fields vs. Taxonomy

Sometimes, you can use either custom fields and taxonomy to add the same information to items like "properties" and "agents". However, what you choose will impact how you develop and maintain your site.