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Views 1.1.1 and Types 1.0.4 Released

We’re ready with Views 1.1.1 and Types 1.0.4. These are mainly bug-fix releases, but we also managed to include some…


July 24, 2012

Views 1.1 RC1 – Custom Searches and WordPress Archives

We’re very proud to announce a release candidate for Views 1.1. This major release includes Custom Searches, WordPress Archives and…


July 3, 2012

Types Access lets you control who can access what

We’re very proud to release a first version of Types Access – our very own access control plugin, which works…


June 4, 2012

Views 1.1 with WordPress Archives

WordPress Archives let you take full control over built-in WordPress listing pages. These include the ‘index’, custom post archives, taxonomy…


May 29, 2012

How do You Want to Create Content from Front-Pages?

One of the most popular requests for Types is to enable creating content from public pages. What we want to…


May 25, 2012

Showcase Views – Our First Views-Powered Theme

Have you tried to follow any of our tutorials and discovered it’s not as easy as it should? Now, you…


May 18, 2012

Please Meet Views Base Theme

We’ve very proud to announce our own Views Base Theme. A lightweight, fast and highly customizable theme that makes it…


May 16, 2012

Types and Views 1.0 – Repeating Fields and Improved Usability

We’re very excited to announce Types and Views 1.0. This major release is packed with new features and overall improvements….


May 8, 2012

Types and Views 1.0 Features Preview

Types and Views 1.0 are scheduled for about 3 weeks from now and we’d love to hear your opinion about…


April 10, 2012

Types Plugin Download

Today started as a normal day here. New features, bugs and customer support. Really normal. Than, somewhere around noon, I…


April 3, 2012

Views is Out of Beta

We’re excited to announce that Types and Views beta period is officially over. This means, more stability, complete QA and…


March 29, 2012

Types and Views 0.9.5 – Post Relationship, Better Performance and Streamlined Interface

We’re excited to announce Types and Views 0.9.5. This version is the result of two months of intense development by…


March 27, 2012