Please Meet Views Base Theme


May 16, 2012

We’ve very proud to announce our own Views Base Theme. A lightweight, fast and highly customizable theme that makes it easy to build Views-powered sites.

When we first launched, we wanted to have something ready fast. We selected a ready-made commercial theme and went to work customizing it.

It didn’t take too long for us to discover that we’re stripping out a lot more than we’re keeping in. Most commercial themes come with sliders, featured gizmos, callouts, layouts and whatever else you can imagine.

This is great, when you need it, but not-so-great if you just need to spend time taking it out. Yes, we have sliders and galleries and all that, but we’re building them for ourselves using Types and Views. And, we’re getting exactly what we wanted without having to settle for what’s possible with our theme. So, we noticed that we’re spending a lot more time cutting out code, than we’re actually gaining from it.

In that spirit, we decided to build our own base theme. The design intentions were:

  • Simple to setup – doesn’t require a master’s degree to configure
  • Easily to customize – when you need to override stuff, it’s all in one place

As a direct result, it’s also ideal to run Views-powered sites. You’ll do your customizations in CSS and build the new functionality in Views.

We’re in the process of migrating our own to this theme and I hope to have it ready in about a week.

You can grab this theme from the Downloads section in your account.

Then, leave a comment here, with your thoughts.


Comments 5 Responses

  1. Great news, Amir and team!

    I think with this base theme you can much better than before showcase what is possible with Types and Views.

  2. Sweet! Nice work, will test it out on a dev instance, and will decide between that and Twenty— 🙂