Need More Power for Toolset Membership Sites?

We want to make it easier to build fully-featured membership sites with Toolset. To do this, we need to know what you need, so we can make it exactly right for you. Update – Feb 2019 Since WordPress 5 got out in December, Toolset team is spending more time on tight integration with new WordPress

When/If to Migrate Relationships in Old Toolset Sites

Yesterday, we released a major update for Toolset with new post relationships. In this post we explain in what cases, and if at all, you should migrate existing sites to use the new schema. What’s new The new post relationship feature in Types 3.0 allows you to build one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships. It’s integrated

How Post Relationship Replaces Post Reference and Repeating Fields

The next major feature for Toolset is “many to many relationship”. In this post, I want to introduce what’s planned and show what you can achieve with it. What one-to-many and many-to-many relationships are One-to-many means that one object “has” many other objects, or that many objects “belong” to one object. For example, a “project”

Summary of Survey About Layouts Plugin

Yesterday we ran a short survey about Layouts plugin and we got interesting results. These will influence our development roadmap, so I’m sharing it with everyone. Q: How are you finding Layouts so far? 17% of the respondents said that it’s “clear and straight forward”. 65% said that “it takes a while getting used to”.

What Happens When You Need a WordPress Page Builder to Think?

Page builders can be a great time saving tool to rapidly build beautiful drag and drop websites. But what happens when you need to extend functionality beyond design presentation? What happens when you need your builder to think? First, let’s take a look at an issue that has recently come up in the WordPress community:

Migration Guide from Drupal to WordPress

We just published a guide for migrating from Drupal to WordPress using Toolset plugins. Many Drupal developers are frustrated by the complexity of Drupal and attract to the simplicity and aesthetics of WordPress. However, giving up their favorite Drupal modules is not easy. The guide explains how Drupal Views, fields, access control and forms map

Pros and Cons of Developing WordPress Sliders with Views

Developing your own sliders with Views is a little like hunting mosquitoes with a tank. But, if you’re already driving a tank, does it make sense to step out every time you need to squash a mosquito? There are so many great WordPress slider plugins, which makes you wonder what’s the sense of implementing it

How do You Want to Create Content from Front-Pages?

One of the most popular requests for Types is to enable creating content from public pages. What we want to have is: Visitors see a form to submit stuff, like the ‘Add your site’ form in our Showcase (don’t forget to submit your site). That form includes the right fields for the content type. It will