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Full Site Editing Future Of WordPress And What It Means For You

WordPress is slowly evolving towards a complete Gutenberg experience. Here’s what to expect in the near future and what authors…


August 10, 2021

How The New Query Loop Block in WordPress 5.8 Compares to the Toolset View Block

WordPress 5.8 includes the first feature towards Full Site Editing – the new Query Loop block. In this post, we…


July 28, 2021

WordPress 5.5 is Coming – Faster and Richer

WordPress 5.5 is approaching quickly, currently scheduled for August/2020. Each release of WordPress, since version 5.0 has made it closer…


July 9, 2020

We want your thoughts on a jobs board for Toolset Contractors

We have been listening to your feedback over the last few months and a number of you (both clients and…


January 7, 2019

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Need More Power for Toolset Membership Sites?

We want to make it easier to build fully-featured membership sites with Toolset. To do this, we need to know…


August 20, 2018

When/If to Migrate Relationships in Old Toolset Sites

Yesterday, we released a major update for Toolset with new post relationships. In this post we explain in what cases,…


May 29, 2018

How Post Relationship Replaces Post Reference and Repeating Fields

The next major feature for Toolset is “many to many relationship”. In this post, I want to introduce what’s planned…


August 26, 2016

Summary of Survey About Layouts Plugin

Yesterday we ran a short survey about Layouts plugin and we got interesting results. These will influence our development roadmap,…


August 11, 2016

What Happens When You Need a WordPress Page Builder to Think?

Page builders can be a great time saving tool to rapidly build beautiful drag and drop websites. But what happens…


November 25, 2015

Migration Guide from Drupal to WordPress

We just published a guide for migrating from Drupal to WordPress using Toolset plugins. Many Drupal developers are frustrated by…


December 8, 2014

Pros and Cons of Developing WordPress Sliders with Views

Developing your own sliders with Views is a little like hunting mosquitoes with a tank. But, if you’re already driving…


October 23, 2014

New guide for controlling WooCommerce capabilities with Access plugin

We use WooCommerce to power the e-commerce section of our sites. Our team includes different users, each with unique needs…


February 9, 2014