Types Access lets you control who can access what


June 4, 2012

We’re very proud to release a first version of Types Access – our very own access control plugin, which works hand-in-hand with Types and Views.

Types Access lets you specify which user types, or specific users, can access different content type.

Basic access control settings

In ‘simple setting’ mode, you choose minimal user levels to read, edit, publish and manage each content type. You can choose user types or specific users. For example, if you have a showcase, you can let a specific user add content to it and another user will review and publish.

In ‘advanced settings’ mode, you have complete control over every operation that WordPress defines. This is useful if you want to craft your own special workflows and fine-tune what different users can and cannot do.

Types Access lets you manage posts and taxonomy. For taxonomy, you can choose the same setting as the related post-type, or independent controls.

You can read more about it in the Types Access page.


Right now, Types Access is only available to Views customers. To download, login to your Views account, go to Downloads and select ‘Types Access‘.

Types Access uses new functionality that we’ve added to Types. To use it, please download Types 1.0.2 Beta. It’s working fine and fully tested. Get it from the bottom of the Downloads section.

What do you think?

Give us some feedback and tell us what you think about Types Access. We’re eager to hear!


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  1. Wooooow! I love it 🙂 is it possible to limit a user from only editong and adding his own custom types?

    • You should be able to achieve that in the ‘advanced settings’. Have you tried?

      • it works! only thing I am missing is limiting access to menu items in wordpress…

  2. I’ve installed this, but I can’t find Types – Access. It is activated. Nothing. Any ideas where I can find the settings?

    • @Charles and @Leonard you need the beta version of Types => Types 1.0.2 to see this option in the Types menu.

  3. This plugin is just like I need! I have the next issue:

    @Amir , I have installed the Types 1.0.2 b2 and I can see and access to the Access’s configuration but i can’t manage it. It seem to be disabled in order to modify.

    I have the following message on top:
    “Access management is part of the Types Plus package.
    It lets you quickly set access rules for different user types and grant access to specific users.
    Buy Types Plus”

    Thanks for the work and the answers

    • And do you have the Types Access plugin too? This message should be shown when you only have Types and not Types Access.

  4. Can it also restrict access to certain fields in a directory, i.e. only show certain fields related to that listing that only an admin can see?


    • For now, Types Access doesn’t do that. You can control access to certain post types or taxonomy, but not fields. It’s a good feature to include, but not implemented now.

  5. I noticed that Types is now at 1.04, while Types Beta is at 1.02-b3.

    Is Types Beta still required for Types Access to function correctly? Or does Types Access now work with the stable/regular version of Types?