Showcase Views – Our First Views-Powered Theme


May 18, 2012

Have you tried to follow any of our tutorials and discovered it’s not as easy as it should? Now, you can download the complete reference design and follow step-by-step. Please meet our first theme featuring Embedded Types and Views – Showcase Views.

The great thing about this theme is that it includes everything, pre-configured and ready. You can download it from your Downloads page.

My suggestion:

  1. Create a new blank WordPress site
  2. Download and activate the theme
  3. Follow the setup guide (basically, create new showcase items and add the Showcase View to a page).

Then, go back to the full tutorial and start following it from scratch.

Now, you have a real chance to learn and enjoy. You can follow the steps in the tutorial and review how it’s actually built in front of your eyes. You’ll have the Views and Content Templates, with the complete code. You can make changes and see how things update on the site.

Feel free to experiment. This is exactly what this package is for.

As you’re going through this tutorial, make sure that you cover and digest these subjects:

  1. Using a Content Template to display single-pages
  2. Adding fields to Content Templates
  3. Using a View to display a list of items
  4. Different pagination and layout options
  5. Inserting a View to a page

You’re one step closer to becoming Views ninjas. The next reference sites will go into more advanced Views functionality, so really use this opportunity the cover the basics.

To get started, go to Showcase Views users guide. Everything from download, install and configuration is covered there.

Let us know what you think!


Comments 9 Responses

  1. Hi Amir! I decided go through the Showcase Views tutorial and got my first roadblock right off! The theme was shown up in the dashboard as broken.

    Sure, I’ve renamed the parent theme and then it worked. Such a thing is not an issue for “us developers”, but I think that less techie/experienced people might be pissed off a bit.

    Another ‘wart’ I’ve seen is right here, at style.css of the Showcase theme. It seems like some source control merging conflict left unresolved there.

    • Yeah. That’s what happens when you let the manager do the checking 🙂 It’s fixed now. Can you download both again?

  2. Hi guys, when installing the showcase views (views base works fine!) an error message occured -> style.css missing.

    • Really sorry about that. You don’t want to hear how comes it worked for me and doesn’t work for you (too embarrassing to write that).

      It’s fixed. Can you please try to download again?

  3. followed directions, activated child theme, added one site, did a preview – no formatting.

    activated parent site, same look, only wider.

    activated child theme again, site width shrunk, still looks bad – can see ratings shortcode as text.

    Does not look at all like tutorial. just downloaded all parts 10 minutes ago. (3:00pm EST)

    please advise – trying to learn, getting lost.