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Displaying Form Data in WordPress

Toolset Forms plugin saves form entries in the standard "posts" and "custom fields" (postmeta) tables. This means that you can display form data using Content Templates, Views and Archives.


The forms that you create with Toolset always match a post-type (pages, posts and custom post types). The fields in forms map to WordPress custom fields. In other lessons, you already learned how to display content with Toolset. This lesson will not teach you new methods for displaying content, but only remind you how to use Toolset’s content-display features for form entries.

Displaying lists of form entries

Like we said, form entries are ordinary WordPress « posts » (or « users » for user-forms). To display lists of posts, you have two options:

  • Views – allow you to add lists of items to any page
  • Archives – these are the built-in content lists in WordPress, which Toolset lets you design and customize

When you design Views and Archive for form entries, set the « content selection » to the post-type that you need (for which you created the form) and choose the fields to display.

Displaying individual entries

To display individual form entries, you should create Content Templates. The Content Template starts empty and you can include any field of the post type (coming from the form) that you want to display.