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Using Post Relationships on Directory Sites

Post relationship allows you to build rich directory sites, which are easy to maintain. By separating different items into related posts, you avoid content duplication. Each piece of information will exist in the database only once and appear in different pages where it’s needed.

What Are Post Relationships and How They Work

You can connect listings in your directory with other types of content (like "cars" with "manufacturers"). First, learn what post relationship is and how it can help you.

How to set up Post Relationships in WordPress

Now that you know what post relationship is, learn how to apply it to your directory site.

Displaying Related Posts

When you display listings, learn how to display the content that's connected to it (like showing the manufacturer on a car page).

Front-End Forms for Connecting Related Posts

If your directory offers people to add and modify content via front-end forms, you can use these forms to edit related content as well.