The WordPress Archive cell, powered by the Views plugin, allows you to customize the appearance of archive pages. You should include this cell inside the layouts used for your site’s archive pages, such as the Home/Blog, custom post archives, author archives, and search results.

Wordpress Archive cell frontend
List of posts by specific author, output by the WordPress Archive cell on the front-end

WordPress Archive Cell in a layout
WordPress Archive cell inside a layout editor

When you insert a WordPress Archive cell, the View editor will open. This editor will already have example Loop Output, along with an example Content Template used inside this loop.

Use the Loop Output section to edit the post loop and style the items displayed using your own HTML and CSS. You can also allow visitors to filter the front-end results.

Expand the Templates for this View section to edit the Content Template used for this WordPress Archive. You can add standard post fields, custom fields, and style the output using your HTML.

Read more about using the WordPress Archive cell on the page about creating layouts for archives.