Content Template cell, which is powered by the Views plugin, displays the post content and fields. One of the most prominent features of this cell is that it allows you to show contents of any page or post. A layout can include any number of Content Template cells, which show various fields for different content.

The following examples demonstrate what you can do with Content Template cells.


Types of contents displayed Content Template cell on the front-end
Standard post contents such as title, body, date, and author. Content Template Cell Post Contents
Custom post fields like such as custom date and time, URL fields, and single line fields. Content Template Custom Fields
Post taxonomy such as category/terms and tags. Content Template Cell Taxonomy
Contents of other specific posts or pages. Content Template Cell Specific Page

Creating layouts as templates for post types

When you create a layout to use as the template for an entire post type, you may want to include Content Template cells.


1. Add a Content Template cell to the layout.
2. Select to display fields coming from the page using this layout.
3. Click the Fields and Views button. A dialog with a list of all available post fields appears. Insert the fields and Views that you require.
4. Style the output using HTML.
Content Template Cell Frontend 5. The content displayed on the site’s front-end uses your design and it includes standard post contents, custom fields, taxonomy fields, and custom HTML styling.

Displaying fields of other content

A layout is assigned to content and it will normally display fields that belong to that content. However, you can use the Content Template cell to display fields for other content as well.

1. Add a Content Template cell to the layout.
2. Select to display fields for a specific page.
3. Insert the fields that you want to display using the Fields and Views button.
4. Style the output using HTML.
Content Template Cell Specific Page 5. The layout shows the fields of the selected content using your design.

Deleting an associated Content Template

All Content Templates, assigned in Layouts are listed on the corresponding Toolset -> Views page. In case you delete a Content Template from that list, it will also be removed from the associated layouts. Next time you edit one of these layouts, you will see a message, notifying that the orphaned Content Template cell has also been deleted.

The notification that is displayed, when an orphaned Content Template cell is found.