The Post Form cell allows you to add Toolset forms to your layouts. A Post Form enables users of your website to create content from the front-end, whether pages, general posts, or posts of a custom post type.

Layouts Forms cell
Example of a Toolset form on the front-end – creating a short post about a person

After you insert the Post Form cell into a layout, you can choose from two main options: Create a new Post Form or Use an existing Post Form.

The Create a new Post Form option lets you create and edit a new Toolset form for use by the cell. After you have created and edited the new form, click the Create cell button to finish inserting the cell.

The Use an existing Post Form option requires you to select one of the existing Toolset forms for use by the Post Forms cell. When you select the desired form, click the Create cell button to finish inserting the Post Form cell. The Toolset form editor will open in a dialog box, allowing you to adjust the form’s settings or simple save and close the form editor and return to your layout.

To learn more about creating front-end forms with the Forms plugin, please review our user guide about front-end content submission and editing.