The Post Content cell outputs the body of a post or page rendered using the Layouts plugin. Use this cell when creating template layouts.

Post Content cell allows you to create template layouts that are easier to edit, both on the backend and front-end.

Simple template layout featuring The Content cell
Simple template layout featuring The Content cell

Post Content cell has no specific options to configure. However, as with all other Layouts cells, you can assign any custom CSS ID or class to it.

When you click to edit a Post Content cell on the site’s front-end, the editor you have used to design that page will open.

Method of designing page content Result of editing a Post Content cell on the front-end
If you are using the standard WordPress editor for a page, a Visual Editor with a post body will open in a popup.  Front-end editing of a page using standard WordPress editor
If you use Layouts to design a page, Post Content cell will not appear on the front-end as a separate element. Instead, you will see the rows and cells of the page layout.  Front-end editing when using Content Layout to design a page
If you use the Beaver Builder or Visual Composer to design a page, clicking on the Post Content cell shows a dialog box with a button to edit your design by using the related page builder. By clicking on it, you will go to the page builder’s editing page.  Front-end editing when using Visual Composer or Beaver Builder to design the page