With Toolset Forms, you can create content from your website’s front-end.

Go to the Toolset -> Post Forms page and click the Add New button at the top. A wizard will guide you through the steps.

First, you need to give your form a name.

In the next step, you need to select the main form options. This includes selecting a post type, status of the post created by the form, and other.

Using the wizard to create front-end forms
Using the wizard to create front-end forms

Designing the form

In the next step, you need to design the form’s contents. You will see two main areas on your screen:

  1. Form area
  2. Available form fields and elements

Building form
Building form

Based on the post type you will see that some fields are already added to your form. You can delete and reorder fields. Mandatory form fields cannot be deleted and you will see a lock icon next to them. To add elements to your form simply drag and drop them to the desired location.

Use the Expert mode switch to switch to the markup editor. It allows you to make changes to form’s automatically generated HTML code. For example, you might change the labels for the inputs, insert generic fields or display certain sections conditionally.

Expert mode
Expert mode

Please keep in mind that the changes you make in the HTML editor will be lost if you switch back to the Visual editor.

If you need to add custom CSS styling or JavaScript to your form, click to expand the sections at the bottom of the Content editor.

When you are done, click Continue to proceed to the final step.

E-mail notifications

In the final step of the form-creation wizard, you can add e-mail notifications.

Forms can send notification emails when forms are submitted. For example, if a post created by the form needs to be approved, you need to notify the site’s editor or administrator.

You can set up multiple email notifications to different recipients having different content.

Automated Email Notifications With Forms

Displaying Toolset forms

You can insert Toolset forms into any WordPress content. This includes pages, posts and any custom type. When you edit content, click on the Toolset Forms to add it to yours page.

Toolset Forms in Block editor
Toolset Forms in Block editor

Toolset Forms button in Classic editor
Toolset Forms button in Classic editor

In the pop-up dialog that appears, select the form of your preference.

Displaying forms when using Layouts

If you are using Toolset Layouts to design your content, insert a Post Form cell into your layout and select the form you just created.

Forms spam protection

You can add Google reCAPTCHA to protect your form from spam. You need to get API key from Google and enter it on the Toolset Settings page. After that, you can add reCAPTCHA field to your forms.

Need help?

Go to the Getting Started support page, leave a comment and we will reply to you.

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