New Toolset Course – Developing Custom WooCommerce Sites

November 5, 2015

Customizing your WooCommerce site with PHP can be a real challenge. With Toolset it’s a piece of cake. A new WooCommerce Views training course will help you learn how to develop custom WooCommerce sites using Views and no PHP.

You will learn:

  • How to add custom fields and custom taxonomies to your product
  • How to design your own template for a product single page
  • How to design your custom Shop page
  • How to build a custom search for products

The course takes around 30 minutes. When you are done, you will become a WooCommerce ninja, capable of building completely custom e-commerce sites for yourself and for your clients.

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    • Hi Dave,
      good catch. Thanks! We removed this demo since both versions – the one built with “Views only” and the second one built with “Views + Layouts” look the same on the front-end. You can auto-generated both versions either using our service (you don’t have to register anew, you can add another demo site from your dashboard) or in your private WordPress install using our Framework installer plugin. I updated the text. Thanks again for your feedback.

  1. Hello Agnes,

    It would be nice if we could create sandbox sites by using our email addresses you already have in you database. I have lots of addresses at my disposal, but I just do not like using them up for all these training sites.

    Pleeeease 🙂

    • Hello Szabesz,
      actually to use all of these training sites you need only one email address or you don’t need even one.

      1) once your private copy at is installed, you can add more sites from your dashboard: From your admin bar choose My sites->Create New Demo Site and you will deferent kinds of sites available
      2) If you want to use these sites in your private WordPress install (your hosting or in your localhost) use the Fremework Insatller plugin.

      I guess we should make it more clear somewhere. For sure this is not obvious. So thanks for brining up this issue.