Toolset allows you to build front-end forms for creating and editing content. You can also register and edit users in your site. All this is essential for creating classifieds, directory, listing, and membership sites.

Form for publishing new posts

Form for publishing new custom posts

Display Custom Lists of Posts
Form for registering users

Building forms for creating content

When you develop listing, directory, and classifieds sites, you almost always need to allow visitors to submit content from the front-end.

Building front-end forms for creating content

Building forms for registering users

You can also build forms for front-end user registration. This way, you can develop your own custom membership sites, or add membership functionality to an existing site.

Building forms for registering users

Building forms for editing content and users

When users can add content from the front-end, in most cases they will need to edit it as well. The same is true for editing user profiles from the front-end.

Building forms for editing content and users

Validation of the form input fields

Toolset validates form input fields on the front-end and displays messages when validation of a field fails.

You can easily customize the default validation messages when editing your existing forms.

To make fields required, edit the related custom fields on the Toolset  Post Fields page.

Controlling Access to the Front-end Content Forms

Some forms can be open to everyone, some to certain roles and some forms to specific users. Use Toolset Access to control who can use different forms.

Access control for Toolset forms.

Create Richer Forms

Conditional Display for Form Inputs

Using the Native WordPress Media Manager in Front-End Forms

Inserting Generic Fields into Forms

Creating WooCommerce Products using Toolset forms

Using Toolset Forms Commerce to Add Payments to Forms

Using Address Fields in Toolset Forms

Automatic post expiration in Toolset forms

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