Toolset allows you to create front-end forms for submitting and editing post information using repeatable field groups.

In Toolset, front-end forms are created using the Forms plugin. When you create repeatable field groups they will appear as a separate post type when creating the form.

For example, let us say you have a post type called “Houses” and a repeatable field group for “Rooms” that belongs to each house. You can create a separate form that allows users to add “rooms” to existing houses.

Creating a Form for Repeatable Field Groups

To create a form for creating repeatable field groups, use the following steps.

  1. Go to Toolset -> Post Forms and click the Add New button.
  2. After naming your form, select the post type connected to it. You will see repeatable field groups listed separately.

Please note that the status of content created using forms for repeatable field groups can only be that of “published.”

  1. Select what happens after visitors submit this form. Your selection depends on how the form for repeatable field groups fits into the general workflow you create for the users. For example, you might have a page with a form for submitting a new “house.” After a house is submitted, this form can take users to the next page with a form to add “rooms” (i.e., a repeatable field group) to houses.
  2. In the Content part of your form, you can click on the Auto-Generate Form button or insert the fields manually. You can insert fields related to the repeatable field group you selected.
  1. When you have created the form, click to finish and save your form.

You are done! You can now insert the form into any page and allow users to submit information using the repeatable field groups.

Forms for Editing Values of Existing Repeatable Field Groups

To edit the values of an existing repeatable field group, use the following steps.

  1. Go to the Toolset -> Post Forms page and click the Add New button.
  2. Give your form a name, select the Edit existing content option and from the Post Types to create/edit dropdown menu select the repeatable field group.
  3. Auto-generate form content and save the form.
  4. Create a new View and scroll to the Content Selection section. There, under Repeatable field group section select the repeatable field group.
  5. Add a Query filter that will filter results by Post relationship or repeatable field group criteria. In a Select items dropdown, select the desired repeatable field group and choose The post where this View is shown option.
  6. In the Loop editor section, click on Toolset Forms. In the dialog that appears, select your form in the Edit Post Forms section.

That’s it! You can now add your new View to a post (or a template) that has a repeatable field group whose values you want to edit.

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