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What Starter Themes Do You Want to See Integrated with Toolset?

When you use Toolset, the theme needs to provide the aesthetics, while Toolset handles the structure and functionality. We want…


April 21, 2017

Views 2.4 and CRED 1.9 Beta1 with Bootstrap HTML Available for Download

Views 2.4 and CRED 1.9, now available as beta releases, produce all front-end form elements that are fully Bootstrap compatible….


April 6, 2017

How to Edit WooCommerce Product Templates with Toolset Starter Theme

Last week we announced the compatibility of all theme integrations with WooCommerce. Our own Toolset Starter was left behind. We…


March 27, 2017

Toolset on Facebook – Why and for Who

For me, social networks are not a very natural thing. I created my FB account maybe 4 years ago and…


March 24, 2017

Toolset-Based Themes Released and Available in All Toolset Accounts

After 1/2 year of development, testing and documentation, we’re proud to release the new Toolset-based themes. Toolset-based themes make it…


March 21, 2017

Views 2.3.1 with Improved Front-end Sorting Controls and WooCommerce Templates for Theme Integrations

In Views 2.3, we introduced front-end sorting, which allow visitors to control the sorting criteria and direction of your Views….


March 16, 2017

The Updated Reference Sites Help you Learn Toolset and Build Sites for Clients

Together with the recent release of Toolset plugins, we also updated all reference sites. If you haven’t used Toolset reference…


February 28, 2017

Layouts 1.9 and Views 2.3 Released

This update aims to change the way you build sites with Toolset. We’re aiming for one workflow, no matter what…


February 22, 2017

Front-end sorting controls in Views 2.3

Views 2.3 (available as beta) allows you to add front-end sorting controls to any View, with any output style.…


February 12, 2017

Layouts 1.9 Beta 3 with Twenty Seventeen Integration

The whole idea behind using Toolset plugins is to make your development workflow nicer and simpler. Together with Layouts 1.9,…


January 26, 2017

Adding WooCommerce Products from the front-end

Adding WooCommerce Products from the front-end – why, when, and how

Creating CRED forms for WooCommerce Products has always been possible; however, there was one thing that was not so obvious,…

Agnes Bury

January 25, 2017

Layouts 1.9 Beta 2 – More Features for You

By this time, we planned to have Layouts 1.9 released. It’s not out yet, but for good reasons. We pushed…


January 17, 2017