The last piece of our post-relationship project is getting done now and we’re very close to a first public version. In this preview, you can see how to set-up many-to-many relationships and how to connect the related posts.

Our demo site includes doctors and patients. Ideally, a patient will never have to see a doctor. But just in case it’s needed, you can create the connection between them with Toolset.

Any doctor can see a number of patients and any patient can visit a number of doctors. Therefor, we need to set-up a many-to-many relationship between the two types. The natural connection is ‘visit’ (what you’d call a ‘doctor visit’). A visit has its own fields. For sure, a visit needs to have a ‘date’.

See how it will work in the next major release of Toolset:

The last part that we need to build is the query filter in Views. When you work on a template for doctors, you need to be able to load the connected patients through the visits. You’ll be able to filter visits, display their information and the information of the visiting patient.


We’re going to offer a first public version (not for production yet) by the end of this month (September, yes 2017). Shortly after, we’ll also have a version of Views with the corresponding filters for the ‘many’ relationships. CRED will follow soon after.

The date for the production version depends on how well the beta versions will go. If we do our work correctly, there shouldn’t be a big delay between the development and production versions. If we understand that we did something completely wrong, we’ll need to adjust.


We already got a ton of valuable feedback for the previous demo videos. Your feedback was very important in identifying missing/wrong features and correcting them quickly. I hope to get good feedback and great ideas for this preview.

Leave your comments here and we’ll get back to you.