New Views and Layout betas offer tight integration with GeneratePress, allowing full control over theme elements for different custom post types.

You might remember that a few months ago we started a discussion about which themes are best to use with Toolset. Of course, a lot of people use our Toolset Starter theme, but other great alternatives came up.

We evaluated the different themes that people suggested and we saw that GeneratePress, OceanWP, Astra, Genesis and Divi indeed outperform our own theme in every aspect.

So, we switched our reference designs to these themes. Then, we started running into issues that I’m sure many clients notice when they build sites on these themes.

All of these issues were about controlling theme features for different custom types.

Today, we’ve proud to announce our solution. We taught Toolset how to control the theme settings for CPT templates and archives. This short video shows what I mean:

Dario is creating a layout, used as a template. We want the layout to control everything that appears on the page. However, GeneratePress theme sets a sidebar, title and footer. You can see how Dario controls the settings that come from GeneratePress, specifically for the template that he’s designing.

In the past, you had to resort to CSS and Javascript hacks to reach this level of control. Now, you can do it as part of your design with Toolset.

First beta with GeneratePress

We just released a beta for both Views and Layouts which offers full support for GeneratePress theme. This beta will allow you to control all of GP’s features for Layouts, Content Templates and WordPress Archives.

Themes covered in the upcoming production release

We’re aiming to release everything for ‘production’ in two weeks. By that time, we’ll have full support also for OceanWP, Astra, Genesis and Divi themes. Avada will follow soon.

More themes, lots more

Now that we’ve laid down the infrastructure in Toolset, adding more themes is quick and easy. We’ll ask theme developers to include a tiny JSON configuration file in the root directory of their themes. This configuration file tells Toolset everything that it needs to know about the theme. It details which settings the theme uses, if they work for ‘single’ or ‘archive’ pages and what values they offer. We support Customizer settings, ‘theme option’ entries and custom fields. This covers 100% of the settings used on the themes that we reviewed.

Adding this support to themes means a lot. In practice, it makes the theme ready for building sites with custom types. If you’re a theme developer, we invite you to join our Beyond Pages program.

Download, try and give us feedback

To test this with GeneratePress, go to your Toolset account, click on Downloads and switch to the Beta channel.

Then, download both Views and Layouts betas (if you’re using both). If you’re using just Views, get the Views beta.

You can use this with the current version of GeneratePress. When it’s working, you’ll see the GP settings at the bottom of the Layouts, Content Template and WP Archive editors.

This has been a long and challenging project for us and we’d love to get your feedback. Leave your comments and we’ll get back to you.