Types 2.3 beta is now offline. We appreciate all the great feedback that we got already and we’re working on the next release, which we’re aiming for November. The next beta will include Types and Views, so you can play with relationships on the front-end too.

After a year of planning, design, and development, we’re finally ready with a first public beta of Types, supporting post relationship and lots more. Take the new beta for a ride and give us your feedback.

The highlights in Types 2.3-b1 are:

  • Many-to-many connections between posts
  • Much improved one-to-many connections and the new one-to-one connections
  • Repeating field groups with infinite nesting
  • Post reference fields
  • Lots of UI improvements

Watch Dario’s video to see an overview of the new features:

This beta includes only Types and doesn’t even have a PHP API to display all this related content. Crazy, right?

Well, there’s actually a purpose. The next part of the project is to include the post relationship support in Views, CRED and Access. We already have detailed planning for it and a lot of infrastructure. However, at this point, we want to stop to get your feedback.


You can get this beta from your Toolset account. Click on Downloads, switch the channel to Beta and download Types 2.3 beta.

The next beta will be ready in November.

This is barely a beta version. It’s only intended for testing purposes and definitely not for any production or development site. Types 2.3 beta doesn’t even work with other Toolset plugins (yet).

How to test and give feedback

This new post relationship project is intended to serve you and help you build websites for your clients. If we know what you’re going to develop with Toolset, we’ll make it happen for you.

This is what you should do:

  1. Install Types beta on a clean WordPress site without any other Toolset plugins.
  2. Set up the custom types, fields and post relationships that you’ll need for a real upcoming project.
  3. Create some sample content to see how the new repeating field groups and post connections really work.
  4. Tell us how you want to display this data and what forms you need for it.

The last part is what we need most. We need to know what kind of sites you’re going to build with the new Types features and how you want to display that content on the front-end.

Please create a support ticket and tag it as “Post-relationship”. Describe the project and include screenshots of the custom-types, fields, taxonomy, and relationships that you created. Then, explain what you want to display on the front-end and how you want it to appear. The most important thing for us to realize is where and how you plan on displaying related content. The more specific you are, the better.

Remember to describe custom searches, CRED forms, templates, archives and other elements that you’ll need to build.

After you’re done writing that ticket in Toolset support, please add a comment here with a brief description and a link to your ticket. This will allow us to find your story, study it and get back to you.

We know that this is asking a lot. Every such “design blueprint” that we get will be a huge help. It will help us design exactly what you need in Types API, Views, CRED and Access.

The entire Toolset team is looking forward to your feedback!