Toolset Contractors System is Open


October 30, 2017

Want to help people build great Toolset-based sites? Join our contractors club, show us your experience with Toolset and start getting projects.

Some people need entire websites from scratch. Others need you to build them custom elements. Some need ongoing maintenance work. Some need small projects and some need huge sites.

The new Toolset Contractors system makes it easy to connect between those who need work done and those who can do the work. If you’ve already been using Toolset for over six months, created at least three production sites and are interested, we invite you to register as a contractor.

You will see an invitation in your Toolset account and we’ll send you an invitation email.

Invitation to join Toolset contractors club

Enter the details that you’d like to appear in your contractor page and submit three showcase sites that you’ve built. We’ll quickly review your application and you’ll appear in the contractors search.

Then, others who need your work will find you and can send you project invitations.

We’ve created this marketplace for the benefit of Toolset clients. OnTheGoSystems doesn’t take any cut of the payments or interfere in the communication between clients and contractors.

Questions? Ideas? Suggestions? Let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll get back to you.


Comments 6 Responses

  1. This is great news, congrats and thanks for building this system!

    I will go and register our agency right away. Looking forward to helping your users & clients discover the power Toolset (and its multilingual support) can bring to their websites!

    • Thanks for your feedback. We’re very excited about it too. So far, response has been great and we’re going through applications already.

  2. After I completed the form I was taken to a page that doesn’t exist

    “Unfortunately the page you were looking for doesn’t exist”