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[Closed] Too many MySQL requests causes the site to go down

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On an existing site, I've added a CPT with just 2 custom fields; an image field and a URL field. The images are loaded from external URLs, the URL fields point to a page on the same site. There are only 40 posts added in this custom post type.

The site is on a VPS with enough resources, but since I've added Toolset, it keeps going down. According too the hosting, that's because of a LOT of MySQL requests.

I did experience some problems when creating a view; it was created twice and I couldn't edit it anymore. So I deleted both views and created a new one.



Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

The usage and setup details that you've shared shouldn't be causing a VPS server to go down.

Have you checked the server's error logs for any errors/warnings? And did the hosting support provide information about any particular SQL queries?

I'll recommend temporarily enabling the WordPress debugging and checking the server's error logs for any errors or warnings.
( ref: )

Also, see if the VPS server is configured to meet the minimum server requirements for the Toolset plugins:



Did you have time to check on this?


Thank you for sharing the access details.

I've reviewed your website's existing content, Toolset elements, and settings and couldn't find anything out of place.

As a general observation, I noticed that the 'PHP max input variables' value on the server is set to '1000'.
( you can view this at WP Admin -> Tools -> Site Health -> Info -> Server )

I'll recommend increasing this to a higher value of at least 4000-5000. You can consult your hosting support team to increase that, for you.

If the hosting support team is unable to share more information about the SQL queries, you can also use a third-party plugin like 'Query Monitor', to monitor them on your own.
( ref: )

Here are some useful guides on the topic:
hidden link
hidden link

If you find any Toolset queries, slowing things down, please do let us know.

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