Toolset support covers:

  • Explaining how to use Toolset plugins to achieve your goals
  • Advice on how to integrate Toolset plugins with other functionality (other plugins and themes)
  • Guidelines for extending Toolset using hooks, filters and custom shortcodes
  • Troubleshooting and debugging when Toolset plugins appear to be working incorrectly

All technical support is provided only through our technical support forum. The forum is open for everyone to read, but only for Toolset clients to post. In addition, you can make private posting in the forum, which only you and Toolset support can see.

What is not included

While we want to provide you with the best possible support, there are certain things that Toolset support is not intended for:

  • We cannot fix compatibility issues with your server. WordPress runs on many different server types. We try our best to ensure that Toolset is compatible with any environment. However, certain compatibility issues can persist for certain configurations.
  • We can help you trace issues and find solutions. However, we cannot always fix everything immediately.
  • We cannot always fix compatibility issues arising from third-party plugins and themes. We do everything in our control to ensure Toolset compatibility with plugins and themes. However, if the issue lies within a third-party product, we cannot fix it, and you will need to contact the author of the plugin or theme in question. While Toolset works nicely with most themes on the market, we also have a list of recommended themes that integrate particularly well with our plugin. The developers of these themes have given specific attention to Toolset compatibility and are committed to resolving issues should they arise. For more detailed information please refer to our guide about compatibility with themes and plugins.
  • We cannot fix your custom themes. We will answer any question and provide or help you find solutions; however, we cannot debug your entire theme.
  • We cannot add features to Toolset for you. Almost all of Toolset features came as a result of client requests, but we cannot guarantee adding everything that you request and we cannot always do it in time for your upcoming project.
  • We cannot produce custom code solutions for you. When you need custom coding which extends Toolset functionality, we recommend contacting one of Toolset certified consultants.

Support request guidelines

To give you the best service, we set up the following guidelines:

  • Only one issue will be solved in a given ticket (thread). If you have more than one issue, please open separate tickets for each of them.
  • We will not provide a custom code that does not use the API of our plugins or is not related to it. The code snippets we provide also depend on the amount of custom code required to resolve a specific client issue.
  • Toolset Support team is spread all over the world and provides you with technical support six days a week, 19 hours per day. If you experience delays, you can always check the supporter’s operating hours in his or her profile. If you do not receive a reply, it could be likely that your supporter is currently not working.
  • If you need a fast solution, short and descriptive requests will help. Long essays or short “it does not work” messages are not helpful.

Providing Debug Information for Support

Sometimes, in order to help you, Toolset supporters will need access to your site. You can find more information about how this work and how your data and information is secure when this happens, on our page about privacy and security when providing debug information.