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[Resolved] How to add dynamic field as much amount of the dynamic image submitted?

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Screenshot-2023-11-15-at-12.01.24 AM.jpg

Hi, I would like to section with a group of information like the picture attached.

There will be 3 main dynamic content which are an image, the name of the location and a view on the map section with a link. There could be time to time 2 places, 3 places or 4 places depending on the listing.

While a person creates the listing, I would like to have an option that they can click on "+" icon and add a picture, place name and the link instead of having an option with 6 different image options, 6 different titles options and 6 different link options by default.

I hope I explained the thing that I am trying to do. If you have any other suggestions, I am open to listening.

Thank you!



Thank you for contacting us and I'd be happy to assist.

Based on what you've shared, I understand that your website has a post type 'Listings', which users can submit through the front-end forms.

Additionally, you'd like to add a feature through which users can also submit 'Near by places' for those listings.

To achieve this, you can add a repeatable field group named 'Near by places', which can be used to group set of custom fields together, as explained here:

In this repeating field group, you can add fields like:
- Name of the place (single line type field)
- Image of the place (image type field)
- Address of the place (address type field)

To add the data into these fields, the form that is used to create/edit the main listings post won't be used, though. You'll need a separate form to add each 'Near by places', as it can't managed through a single form:

Here is how the process will look like for the user:

1. User will fill the form to create a 'Listing' post.
2. You can then set the first form to the redirect the user to the newly created 'Listing' post, where another form will be available to add the 'Near by places' to this listing. The user can use the form multiple times to add each near by place.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need further assistance.


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