Elementor is an intuitive page builder that allows you to easily design beautiful websites. Toolset is an advanced query builder that allows you to create and display any custom content, without programming. Together, they empower you to build great-looking, advanced websites of any type and size.

Some examples of what you can do with Elementor and Toolset

Create Templates
Create Template for Custom Content

Display Custom Lists of Posts

Display Custom List of Posts
Create Custom Searches
Create custom content searches

Display Content on Google or Azure Maps

Display Content on Google or Azure Maps

Getting Started

Elementor provides a free and Pro version. Naturally, the Pro version provides more features. This also affects how you can use the plugin’s integration with Toolset:

  • Elementor allows you to use the Toolset View Widget and easily insert Views into designs you create with Elementor.
  • Elementor Pro allows you to also use Elementor Templates and dynamic custom fields created using the Toolset Types plugin.

To use Toolset with Elementor, you must install:

  • Toolset Types
  • Toolset Views

The Toolset plugin package provides more features. Choose the additional features you need and install the corresponding plugins:

  • Toolset Maps – display your content on Google or Azure Maps
  • Toolset Forms – allow users to submit and edit content via front-end forms

Adding Custom Types, Fields, and Taxonomies

Toolset allows you to customize your site in a way not possible in WordPress by default. This includes creating custom post types (like “Gyms” or “Events”), custom fields for these post types (like “Address” or “Event Date”), and custom taxonomies (like “Trainer Specialties” or “Event Type”) to categorize your content.

Adding custom content with Toolset is easy. Learn how to do it on our page about setting up post types, custom fields, and taxonomies.

Come back here when you are done so you can continue reading how to display new custom content with Elementor.

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